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I wrote a book... About God. 



Here is how chapter one, "Blister Soul," begins:

On October 25, 1999, two F-16 fighter planes from the Oklahoma Air National Guard’s 138th Fighter Wing scrambled to intercept a Learjet headed into America’s heartland.


The plane they were ordered to intercept was not an enemy aircraft. It had not been hijacked. It was not carrying terrorists, drug smugglers, criminals, or anyone harboring ill will toward the United States or its people.


I first read about the intercept of the jet on the internet as it happened, in real time. As the jet flew, there was speculation (later denied by the Pentagon) that our fighter pilots would be ordered to shoot it down if it approached a major city.


The Prime Minister of Canada at the time, Jean Chrétien, did authorize the Royal Canadian Air Force to shoot it down if it entered Canadian airspace without making contact.


He made this decision despite the fact that he was certain that the plane’s occupants had no intention of causing harm.


The story was covered live, at least in part, because the jet carried a celebrity passenger...

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. . . . . . . .

From the Back Cover:


To take a journey is to travel from one place to another.


But what does a spiritual journey look like? How does a person move from one place to another when it comes to belief in God?  


In our modern world, is a journey toward faith in God even defensible? Are there reasons for faith when most of us observe that the world seems to be terribly broken? Are there reasons for optimism when it seems clear that so many people are broken? And are there reasons for hope when—in our most perceptive moments—we recognize ways that we too are broken?

Is there evidence that suggests it is rational to believe that some kind of God exists? Or that the central claims of Christianity might actually be true? Regardless of what you’ve believed about God in the past, what if such evidence does exist?


This is the story of one person’s journey. It is a story of discovery. It was written with the hope that it might be thought-provoking for you, wherever you are in your spiritual journey.

. . . . . . . .

So, Who Was the Celebrity Passenger on the Jet, and How Can I Keep Reading?

To read the rest of chapter one (and to access the whole book) you can buy it via by following this link. It is available there now, and will be on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers starting in late January..

If you are a student, if you have limited funds, or (for any reason, really) simply would like to read this book without buying it, please email me at I will send you a PDF version of it for free. No strings attached.


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