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I create.




After strategy comes stuff people actually see.

ONCE A THOUGHTFUL  STRATEGY IS IN PLACE, good creative work can—and should—follow.

As we pursue the goal of creating work that is effective, good strategy will inform and guide us. ​But even as we pursue great creative, we will want you to evaluate it: (a) in terms of how well it is likely to work to help you achieve your business goals and (b) how well it is likely to connect with your defined target audiences.


​I started my career solving communication design problems

professionally in 1988. From print collateral to experiential or environmental design to signage/wayfinding to web and online media, doing the actual creative execution has always been my passion.

If you have a creative project you are contemplating or know that you need to have developed, I've love to have the opportunity to discuss it with you.

Communication Strategy Services >


Visual Identity System Design Logo design, logo revision or update, and/or graphic standards definition


Website, Mobile app, and/or UI Design


Print Collateral Design (Annual Reports, Ads, Brochures, etc.)


Exhibit and/or Wayfinding Design



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